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Range 4010 Horse & Animal Bedding is 100% organic ecological sustainable with superior super absorbency and no strong ammonia odour!

Product Information

  • Introducing Buckaroo Barn Australia Horse & Animal Bedding which is the latest bedding range in Australia
  • Buckaroo Barn Australia Horse & Animal bedding is derived as a by-product, the fruit, from the Coconut tree called Coco Peat.
  • Eco friendly as it Naturally 100% Organic Certified sustainable horse & animal bedding.
  • No trees are harvested, chopped down or shredded in the processing, compared to some competitors bedding on the market.
  • The coconut tree is not harmed in any way and continues to be productive 4 times per year.
  • Featuring hygienic air porosity and superior extra super absorbency 6-8 times it’s own weight
  • It securely locks in ammonia which cannot leach out with a smelly stuffy toxic urine odour so your stable stays fresh, safe and clean with indoor air quality.
  • Flies, mosquitoes, dust mites and pathogens are reduced significantly.
  • It won’t stick to your horses coats and grey or white horses will not stain due to ammoniac attack.
  • Dust is no concern as the bedding is not dusty as the bedding is screed and vacuumed before bagging.
  • Stringent tests show hoof health benefits preventing a horse from thrush disease as Buckeroo Barn bedding is 100% organic and has natures mould and bacteria fungi resistance.
  • Horses will rest more often in comfort and rise in safety with no sore hocks or stocking up.
  • Manufactured in a Certified ISO 9001 & EN 14001 facility.
  • Buckeroo Barn Australia Horse & Animal Bedding and OMRI 100% Organic Non-Toxic certified to Organic Material Review Institute.
  • Used by Vet Practices in UK, America & Europe, Equestrian & Dressage Owners, Racehorse Trainers, and Pony Club Horse Owners.
  • Upon composting after use as a horse animal stall bedding the product is 100% recyclable & can be re used as a high quality biodegradable soil replenishment fertilizer.
usage guidelines:

25kgs bag

Our Horse Animal Bedding can be used directly on dirt or concrete stable stall floors, eg: 3.6 x3.6 you would require around 4 bags.

Or you can combine Range 4005 Cushion Comfort Mats & Buckaroo Barn bedding & you will require less usage compared to your current bedding usage rather than having to top up every day or two to keep the stable stall clean and hygienic.

Importantly Buckaroo Barn bedding lasts longer around 2-3 months, however all horses wetness are different so you may need a extra bag from time to time but in the main the exist stall bedding is all you require just rake over the wet spots to have a dry surface as this amazing bedding has super superior absorbency so it locks in the wetness and odour.  You will note the wet spots as the bedding will be darker in colour.

NB: You only need to replace the complete stable stall bedding every 4-6 months.

  • Stable Stalls
  • Floats
  • Outdoor Holding Yards.
  • Animal bedding for chickens, dairy cows, donkeys, sheep, goats, etc.