At Buckaroobarn we are delighted to now be a stockist of Australian Manufactured GEO HEX Ground Permeable Drainage Stabilisation Grid Cell Pavers.

Say good bye to mud as Geo Hex is a 24/7 multi layer ground stabilisation system that separates the top surface from the sub-soil level so rainwater & liquids infiltrate into the ground and maintain a stable base.

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buckaroo barn australia - Item 4009 Interlock Grid Cells

Product Information

  • The 4009 Range Grid Cell Pavers are 100% eco-friendly permeable interlocking providing stabilization.
  • Made with recycled polypropylene.
  • Polyurethane & Uv treated eliminating compaction and stabilization for ground surfaces that’s permanent 24/7.
  • It separates the sub-floor from the surface enabling drainage & stabilization back to the water grid.
  • Manufacturer’s 10 Year Warranty applies.
  • Dimensions: 1000mmx500mmx42mm Depth (2 Grid Cells Pavers cover 1m2)
  • Weight 2.3 kg per piece 
  • Inert & Non-toxic to Animals, Humans & Plants
  • Injection recycled & recyclable co-polymer/polypropylene UV treated for high impact
  • Interlocking Stabilisation Drainage Grid Cells Pavers
  • Maximum bearing capacity 1200T/SQM tested by the University of Newcastle NSW to provide Structural Strength & Weight Bearing and 99% Permeability 
  • The Grid Cells can be back filled with a 0.5mm crusher dust aggregate up to 25ml and for grass areas soil can added to the grid cells and roll grass on the surface
  • Maximum 30 degree slope installation 
  • Manufactured right here in Australia creating employment for Australian workers & families
  • Stable Stalls
  • Breezeways
  • Horse Shelters
  • Equestrian Arenas
  • Horse Day Yards
  • Stock Holding Yards
  • Shed Floors
  • Entrance/Exits to Stables
  • Thoroughbred Horse Racing Club Infields
  • Muddy Paddock Gate Entrances & Fence Lines
  • Feed Bins & Water Trough Surrounds
  • Cattle Feedlots
  • Pathways and Access Tracks
  • Riding Paths
  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Off Road Car Parking Golf Courses