Here are some frequently asked questions.  If you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact us.

Yes, our Buckaroo Barn horse and animal bedding can be used Indoor or Outdoors for stables, stockyards, outdoor horse holding yards, abattoirs yards, dairy cattle cubicle. It is also used for pigs, poultry, donkeys, zoo animals and more.

Buckaroo Barn horse and animal bedding is eco-friendly utilising the coir by-product of the coconut tree with no additives or chemicals added. It is 100% Naturally Organic and Bacterial & Fungi Free.

Buckaroo Barn horse and animal bedding has the dust extracted, vacuumed and screened before being packed into 18kg bags making it an optimal choice for bedding for horses with COPD or Allergy disorders. Particularly good for use in foal stalls and importantly superior super absorbency, locking in ammonia build up odours resulting in improved indoor air quality.

Buckaroo Barn horse and animal bedding has proven so successful in the UK, Europe & USA compared to traditional horse animal beddings with leading veterinarian endorsement and now available in Australia.

Buckaroo Barn interlocking recycled rubber pavers are made with fine granulated recycled rubber which is tough, durable and long-lasting for use indoors or outdoors.

Buckaroo Barn matting has excellent acoustic sound and insulation properties.

Buckaroo Barn horse and animal bedding will reduce the amount of bedding required compared to traditional bedding matter on the market.

The Ultimate Stable stall system combines Buckaroo Barn cushioned comfort matting & naturally 100% Organic Bedding for a Stall System that provides hygiene, comfort, safety, and wellness in stable environments.

Buckaroo Barn matting is easy to DIY by interlocking the matting and if need to fit, can be cut with a sharp Stanley knife and a straight edge rule.

The Equine Performance Industry advises cushioning in stable assists in increased blood flow to the horses' frog, reduced inflamed joints and no more hock sores.