The Range 4003 is hygenic and provides ‘Ultimate Cushioning Comfort & Durability’.

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Product Information

  • 100% Impermeable Non-porous Non-absorbing Horse Mats.
  • Features a Diamond Traction Slip Resistant Surface & Raised Coin Stud Base.
  • Cushioning Comfort System known to assist horses health & wellbeing.
  • Known to assist horse with arthritis, leg, muscles & tendon strains.
  • Eva foam rubber co polymer closed cell memory cell structure.
  • Comfort Interlock on all 4 Tabs making DIY easy.
  • Toxic fumes is reduced significantly as Urine & liquids cannot soak into the mat.
  • Sound acoustic & shock resistant properties.
  • Easy DIY just click together 4 interlocking edges.
  • Available 970mm x 970mm x 32mm thick.

Semi Rigid Eva Foam rubber Co Polymer Horse Mats Feature Closed Cell Technology.    4003 horse mats will never go hard or collapse



hardness density:

65-70 Shore C


Edges 4 Interlocking Tabs

  • Stable stalls
  • Foal Stalls
  • Store Rooms
  • Floats/Trailers
  • Portable Mats
  • Vet Clinic
  • Recovery Rooms