buckaroo barn horse mats Australia - rubber mats 5
buckaroo barn horse mats Australia - rubber mats 4

The Range 4003 – A high quality unique horse stall mat with real grip due to the studded rubber surface.  It’s a fully sealed Interlock mat which is manufactured in natural rubber and recycled rubber making it eco-friendly.

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Product Information

  • Mat size meter x meter x 17mm thick.
  • Weight per mat approx 16kg.
  • Studded rubber surface provides good comfort & safe grip plus real traction.
  • Acoustic sound, shock absorbing & insulating properties of rubber.
  • Non-porous, non-absorbing, impermeable rubber mats are resistant to urine, bacteria and water.
  • Long lasting durable mat that’s tested for tensile strength that will not burst, tear or break.
  • Reduces dust build up in stables and provides impact absorption from falls.
  • Better joint, hoof and tendon health with 17mm thick impact resistance.
  • Easy to install – DIY.
  • Easier & quicker to muck-out in stalls.
  • Can be used indoors & outdoors.
  • Saves on bedding as the mat provides the comfort and reduces amount of bedding absorb urine.
  • Stable stalls
  • Breezeways
  • Walkways
  • Foal Stalls
  • Horse Shelters
  • Wash Bays
  • Store Rooms
  • Horse Floats/Trailers
  • Gym flooring (non porous)
  • Doggy Day Care
  • Vet Clinic
  • Recovery Rooms