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The Range 4005 Ultimate Comfort Mat features a traction teardrop surface & stud coin base and extends softness, cushioned comfort encouraging your horse to rest.

Product Information

  • The 4005 Range in Eva Foam Rubber 1830mm x 1220mm and 34mm thick semi-rigid mat.
  • Features a traction teardrop surface and stud coin base which extends softness with cushioned comfort encouraging horses to rest.
  • Comfort and interlocking on the longest sides and ends butt up.
  • Urine & bacteria resistance and ammonia build-up is reduced significantly.
  • Toxic fumes off-gassing is also reduced significantly as the urine and liquids cannot soak into the mat.
  • Sound acoustic and shock absorbent properties.
  • Comfort extends stress relief in stable stalls.
  • As horses move around, the blood circulates in the horse’s frog due to closed cell memory cushioning.
  • Also available in 24mm thickness.

Cushioned semi-rigid Eva Foam Rubber with closed cell structure.





standard hardness:

65+/-5 Shore C


Interlock on the longest 1830mm sides

  • Stable Stalls
  • Foal Stalls
  • Breezeways / Corridors
  • Float Flooring
  • Vet Clinics
  • Recovery Rooms
  • Stable & Float Walls using 24mm thick