At Buckaroobarn we are delighted to now stock & market Equine Virgin Pure Pine Pellet horse bedding sourced from the magnificent Snowy Mountains Forests and manufactured under the Australian Environment Approved Sustainable Forest Plantation program.


Product Information

The VIRGIN PURE PINE used is selected from the core of the pine tree it contains no bark or tars/resins like some competitors ranges and it’s manufactured with horse stall bedding in mind

  • Unlike Sawdust the pure pine pellets are Dust Free filtered twice at the beginning of  developing the pellet process & contains no shards or contaminates plus no pesticides or chemicals, oils or fragrances are used–Eco friendly Pine Pellets –Eco friendly
  • The Perfect Choice in bedding for horses with allergies, sensitive skin or breathing disorders and provides healthy bedding for all horses all ages and people working indoors.
  • The pine pellets expand when water is added to each bag resulting quickly into fluffy hygienic healthy comfortable pine fresh stall bedding
  • Liquids will be absorbed & filtered to the stall floor & importantly the surface keeps dry on top
  • Easy muck-outs just pick out the manure it will be coated with a small amount of the bedding plus carefully dig out the wet spots remember to use to fine prong Buckaroobarn 4011 sift on the rake to leave as much bedding in the stall reducing muck heaps.                                                                                          NB: Once the stall bed is set up is in place usage is around 1 bag per week
  • In areas of low humidity a weekly light sprinkle with a watering can reactivate and fluffs the bedding
  • Good insulation properties and will not compact in your horses hooves plus virgin  pine bedding will deter fly’s and pathogens breeding
  • Biodegradable after usage as bedding and it can be spread in out day yards or use as a garden flower bed soil improve.

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  • Australian Fresh Snowy Mountain Pine Pellets that by adding water to the bag as per installation guidelines develops into long lasting fluffy pine scented & Cosy horse absorbing stall bedding where the surface stays dry
  • Supplied in 15 KGS bags polypropylene sealed bags that can be stored indoors or outdoors
  • A high premium quality bedding very economically priced
  • Horse Stable Stall Bedding
  • Horse Floats Bedding
  • Biodegradable after usage as a soil improver & for out day yards
  • Even more economical when installed on Buckaroobarn Range 4005 Cushioned Stall Float Flooring and reduce the amount of bedding