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Well folks! We are heading now to Christmas trading and the Horse Flooring containers are arriving this, month October 2020, with following stock note….. our incredible superior absorbing Horse and Animal Bedding is now in stock – Range 4010

BUCKAROOBARN RANGE 4002 – Horse Stall and Float Wall Mats -1830 x1220 x 20mm Thick Wall Eva Foam Rubber Cushioned Mats which are straight sided.  These Horse Stall and Float Walls have been in demand and can also be used also for small horses and ponies flooring.   They also feature the diamond traction surface.  We stock 20mm Thick Cushioned Wall mats for premium protection. (Urine liquids resistant & fully sealed) – The Horse Stall and Float Walls match in design with the RANGE 4003 – Horse Animal Flooring (Interlock Permanent or Portable) and the RANGE 4005 – Comfort Stall Mats 


BUCKAROOBARN RANGE 4005 –  Horse Comfort Stall Mats will be in stock in November.   Eva Foam Rubber cushioning and easy DIY with the 4 edges interlocking feature coin studded base and diamond traction surface.  These Horse Comfort Stall mats have therapeutic properties and excellent insulation.  They are urine liquid resistant and bacteria cannot be promoted in the horse mats.   These Horse Comfort Stall Mats are installed at major stud farm equestrian owner stables,  veterinarian practices and race horse trainer facilities such as Morphettville located in South Australia.  The Horse Comfort Stall Mats Float Walls match in design with the RANGE 4002 – Horse Stall and Float Wall Mats  and the RANGE 4003 – Horse Animal Flooring (Interlock Permanent or Portable)  

buckaroo barn australia- Item 4005 Ultimate Cushion Horse Floor Mat

BUCKAROOBARN RANGE 4004 Horse Wash Bay & General Farm usage. Natural Rubber mat interlocking with surface holes for quick liquid drainage and a gripper base for stability & comfort.

buckaroo barn australia - Item 4004 Wash Bay Matting 8

BUCKAROOBARN RANGE 4008 Interlocking Recycled Rubber Pavers – we are taking pre-orders now for December 2020 delivery 160 x 200 x 30mm or 43 mm thick. Features granulated recycled rubber whole of paver is coloured and single layer homogeneous construction same top as base almost indestructible long lasting and can be installed indoors or outdoors   (As sold internationally in UK Europe – now at sold at Buckaroobarn)

buckaroo barn australia- rubber brick pavers

BUCKAROOBARN RANGE 4009 Interlocking Drainage Stabilisation Grid Cell Pavers are due in 3rd week October 2020.  No need to put up with mud which can cause horse foot illness and thrush.  Our Grid Cell Pavers are ideal for laneways and pathways as well as entrances to horse stables, horse shelters and stable stalls for natural drainage.

buckaroo barn australia - Item 4009 Grid Cells in Stable

BUCKAROOBARN RANGE 4010 –  Horse & Animal Hemp Bedding – Hemparade super absorbent dust reduction hemp horse bedding litter and suited as organic chicken litter. Read more about this incredible healthy bedding that’s successful in Europe, UK Canada and recent times USA….. now at Sherwood Enterprises.  Packaged in 14kg heat sealed bags ideal for storage indoors or outdoors and after usage as mulch soil fertiliser after composting with the manure.  

Pre-Order Today! and be sure of supply – 10% deposit & balance on arrival to our warehouse. Don’t miss out this is the last of our container stocks scheduled until February 2021.                                                                                                                                          

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