The Range 4002 Eva Foam Rubber semi-rigid wall mats designed for horse protection with closed cell micro memory cushioning to provide permanent soft insulated wall protection and to assist in reducing stable or float injury & vet bills.

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Product Information

  • Semi-rigid straight sided matting & weight only 7.20KGS per mat
  • Light weight with a calibrated density hardness & softness to Shore C
  • Reduces dust in stables so fewer respiratory & allergy disorders
  • Urine- Water Resistance Impermeable matting non-porous non-absorption bacteria resistant.
  • Odourless, Non-toxic & has acoustic sound properties
  • Provides impact protection against injury from solid hard, sharp or rough stable walls
  • When kicked will simply dent & slowly recover as the mat has close cell memory technology
  • Reduced fuel bills when travelling as compared to heavy rubber mats 4002 wall mats weight only 7.2KGSper mat but extend real protection for your horse
  • Designed with horses in mind so durable long lasting & easy to DIY install

Semi Rigid Eva Foam rubber Co Polymer Horse Mats Feature Closed Cell Technology.    4002 horse mats will never go hard or collapse.



  • Stable stalls
  • Foal Stalls
  • Miniature/Small ponies as stable flooring and wall
  • Floats/Trailers
  • Vet Clinic
  • Recovery Rooms