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The Range 4000 of Interlock Horse Animal Mats are the ultimate in comfort and durability.

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  • The matting is sealed impermeable non-porous and doesn’t absorb moisture, ammonia or bacteria so the urine cannot soak into the mat and develop unhealthy smelly stables by airborne ammonia toxic fumes build up which can cause breathing problems like COPD Heaves & related disorders for horses’ in stables & people working in indoor environments.
  • These functional mats are manufactured with a Virgin Rubber solid surface 4mm thick and Eva Foam Rubber base combining the advantages of high quality Eva cushioning comfort closed cell memory with a solid Virgin Rubber Bubble Traction slip resistance surface.
  • Importantly the 4000 Horse Flooring Range is hygienic, non-absorbent to liquids and do not off-gas like 100% heavy rubber matting plus they provide as stable stall & float flooring excellent insulation.
  • Often referred to as Therapeutic cushioned matting that supports & reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) with such disorders like injuries or pain in the horses body joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves and tendons, etc.
  •  The Equine Performance Industry reports this cushioning flooring system had a reduction in leg fatigue and reduction in tissue fluid accumulation and assists arthritic or inflamed horses’ joints.
  • Stocked in 1830 x1220 x 34mm
  • 1830mm x 1220mm x 24mm thick are available as an indent range.

Virgin Rubber Solid Top 4mm &  Eva Foam Rubber Closed Cell Base 28mm





standard hardness:

65+/-5Shore C


Interlocks on the 1830 longest sides & ends butt up

  • Indoors / Outdoors
  • Stable Stalls
  • Breezeways / Corridors
  • Equine Hospitals
  • Dairy Farm Cows
  • Vet Clinics
  • Recovery Stalls
  • Race Horse Stables
  • Horse Shelters
  • Float / Transport
  • Stable Entrances
  • Outdoor Paddocks